Two Minute Warning

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The many looks of Clary in "Two Minute Warning" About the film...
Clary has invented a time machine that only allows her to go back in time for a mere two minutes. Not enough time to change the universe but just enough time to make some minor corrections in her life.

She invites over a man to seduce but seeing as how she has never been out on a date before, she will use the time machine to fine tune herself as the need arises. If he doesn't like the wine, she can go back and change it. He doesn't like the shoes? No problem.

What Clary doesn't realize is that the universe just might have a mind of it's own and things will unfold as they must... in spite of her tampering.

This light hearted film is delightfully fun and has a few surprising twists that will have every member of the audience saying or feeling awe...

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