About The Film

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Brief Synopsis
Clary has invented a time machine. The only snag is, it will only take her back two minutes in time. She may not be able to change history but she can certainly change a momentary bad decision.

She has invited over a man to seduce and is determined to become the woman of his dreams... even if she has to go back in time 100 times.
Cherise Leana Bangs & Jim Akman in "Two Minute Warning".

More About The Film...

"Two Minute Warning" was originally constructed as a short for The Extreme Filmmakers 48 Hour Film Festival. However, the film was so rich with possibilities that film director Jim Akman submitted it to the New York International Film Festival instead.

"Two Minute Warning" debute at the New York International-Independent Film Festival in March, 2005.  Most recently, "Two Minute Warning" has been accepted into the Valley Film Fest (2006) and will be screening in Los Angeles for the first time at the El Portal Theatre in North Hollywood.

Copies of the film are also available on VHS and DVD by contacting GemStar directly (see contact page).

For more information regarding The New York International Film Festival, please click link below:

Valley Film Fest 2006 More information about the Valley Film Fest and screening schedule, please check: http://valleyfilmfest.com/