Jim Akman / Writer-Director

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Who's Jim Akman?

In The beginning...

Jim Akman is a veteran entertainment professional who got his start in "Oliver" with Sid Caesar. Jim played an urchin and also understudied The Artful Dodger (can you say, "More Please"?).

As a young performer, Jim was in about 15 Broadway shows and worked with Gene Kelly, Chita Rivera, Margaret Hamilton, Zero Mostel, John Raitt, & Ann Reinking to name but a few.

He was also invited as a guest performer in Europe at The International Festival Of Performing Arts by the time he was 17. The London Times wrote, "Jim Akman showed great panache...". In addition, Jim wrote and co-directed a new entry for the festival entitled, Mynx". Mynx was based on Jim's writings.

After the Euro tour, Jim toured and performed out of New York for many years before being invited to Los Angeles to direct and stage "West Side Story", "Guys & Dolls", "The Night of Broken Glass", "The Way One Writes His Name" and a second revival of "West Side Story". In many of these productions, Jim contributed in areas like choreography, stunts and fight coordinating (He won the Geoffries Award for excellence in fight choreography from his work with "West Side Story"). Jim has since moved onto films...

As an actor, Jim starred in about 20 films, including Robert Altman's "Roads & Bridges", Randy Kent's "Life, Death & Mini Golf" and Chris DiMartino's "Commack Road" to name a few, all of which are currently in distribution. Recently, Jim narrated the Docu-Drama, "Sylvia's Baklava" at the Cannes Film Festival 2006.

Jim has been known to assume the various roles of Writer, Director, Producer, Editor and Composer for numerous projects and in "Two Minute Warning", he took on all of those tasks. 

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